Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Haupanuana! Translation= It's fricken hot here!!


Finally in Kona! The flight over was fine, sat next to Locals who told me all about the great things to do on the big island...all I really remember is a bunch of Hawaiian words that I will never be able to tell the difference from (Makawakalaki!). Oh well. We also watched Madagascar II on the plane...great movie. I didn't rent any headphones so I couldn't actually hear any of the movie, but thats ok because I ended up making up my own words as the characters spoke. Yeah, definitely a great film :)

Also, was able to go out to dinner last night with our cousin Matt who is in town with his wife Jamie. It was so nice to see him, he isn't at family functions much often, so we all got to sit down and have a good chat at dinner. He is a great guy...and looks so much like my Dad! And we've been told that Carly and I look quite a bit like cousin Jenny (Matt's sister) so it all runs in the family. Speaking of running in the family...I got to do some beer tasting today!!

Les and I woke up nice and early to do some snorkeling. It was awesome. I love being in the water and it felt so great to be in nice warm weather for a change! We saw a little baby turtle, and some sweet fish. It was a nice day. I also got to meet some of her friends from the brewery, which I automatically also made my best friends (for my own sake of course). Did a little beer tasting...and now off to do some more beer tasting! No objecting to this...who knows when the next time I'll be able to drink beer!! I have to get my fill ok?! Not that any person I know would object to this type of (ahhem...did I mention Glockner?)behavior.

Just the start of a great week!! Aloha!


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