Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trip to Tacloban

Definitely the closest to death I could be today, took the windiest road to Tacloban to get my Visa extended, which cost me almost 6,000 pesos. Although the trip was little hectic; I had a hard time finding the immigration office, what really got me was the rudest Australian I have ever met. Told me that he hated all Americans and that we were offensive idiots, and we were all "corrupt" . I was pretty proud of myself for biting back though and told him all Australian men I had met were arrogant and obnoxious (untrue) and that it's offensive to make such extreme generalizations about a whole culture of people. I was pretty fuming. After he left the immigration office, the officials and I had a good laugh at his expense.
It's funny the first negative experience I've had with a person here is a foreigner, and not any locals.

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