Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ormoc City

Well I made it to Ormoc City if you can believe it. I was soo close to missing my flight to Tacloban from Manila, it was quite humorous. Basically my first expereuince in the Philippines was sprinting through the airport after a Filipino calling out my name, meanwhile cutting in everyline and pushin past everyone. I couldn't help but laugh. Saw my first cockroach too.

And I also made it succesfuly to Ormoc, which took a two hour bus ride, but was fairly easy. It is SO true what people say about the driving in the Philiipines being less of rules and more of "suggestions". People pass on all sides, honking and the gass pedal are the first reaction to anything whether that be people walking in the crosswalk (careful!) or cars driving too slow. Hilariously interesting.

Also got to go to my placement at the Street Educators program. There is so much work to do it is overwhelming. The center is basically a jail, but there are only a few of the kids locked up, the rest are free to roam around the grounds. I'll try and take some pictures. I am trying to think of some kind of program to implement that will really get the kids attention. One of the girls I work with thought of the idea of a community garden there, which I thought was awesome. But there has to be more. I am going to do some research on line.

I came at the best time of the year because it's holy week, and this weekend is Easter. I think a couple of the girls I volunteer with and I may head south to some awesome beaches for the holiday. We'll see how it pans out.

Too tired of typing. I'll try and put some pictures up later this week.

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