Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2 weeks

I've realized I only have about 2 weeks left at the center, and I can hardly believe it. I feel like I am falling in love with the kids more and more everyday, only to leave them in a couple weeks. They are so much fun to hang out with, play games and try to teach some lessons...although many times unsuccessfully.
Saturday we had a thing referred to as saturation. In Ormoc there is a mandatory 10 o'clock curfew for children 17 and under if you are without an adult, and many times this is broke by children who are there for a variety of reasons. Some of them have no where to go, are abandoned and live on the streets, many times doing drugs or stealing to try to keep them self ahead. Others are there to just be out at night to hang out and drink with their friends, some are runaways, and I just found out that about half of the females are picked up for child prostitution. Most of the boys I work with are there because they have been abandoned by their parents, or their parents can't financially take care of them so they live at the center, which literally gives them just enough to survive. As in food, water, shelter and that's it. They do provide them with an education which is about $40 a year.
Other are there because they have committed minor crimes, caught doing rugby which is basically sniffing glue, or they were found on the streets begging. Meeting the kids you wouldn't think that there backgrounds were so unfortunate, because they are generally very good kids, who just want someone to hang out with and give them some attention. That is basically what I've been trying to do is just be there to play and show them a good time. It is also really unfortunate because despite of the unnecessary amount of staff there during the day, (literally like 15 employees) they have little to no interaction with the kids. If it wasn't for all the volunteers from abroad the kids wouldn't only have nothing, they would have no one.
Fortunately it is summer here, so the kids are not in school, and when school starts back up many of the kids will be there during the day, so that will keep them busy somewhat.
Today I did a mini geography lesson which consisted of continents, oceans, and some Southeast Asian countries, then spent the rest of the time playing basketball and dancing. We have a little speaker that we've attached an MP3 into so they love dancing to "Low", "Soulja boy" and "Saby Saby Tayo".
On Friday a few of the older boys are competing in a mini basketball tournament so I am working on teaching them some simple concepts. We'll see how it goes.
Now the rest of my Wednesday will be spent trying to put together mini lessons for the rest of this week and next. Any suggestions feel free to let me know! I need as much help as I can get!

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